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Special Projects / Market Exploration and Development is something that we offer a cost effective solution!

Do you have a new exciting service offering that is outside of your ‘normal’ target market?

Do you have a new exciting, disruptive technology, software or product that you want to test the market and its desire or want to roll out?

Do you have either of the above and looking to break into the UK market?

Do you have a specific internal project or event that you need help with to insure success?

Do you need to do some Benchmarking – Internal/External, review your offering or messaging, look at how you execute your campaigns or implement CC 2.0 methodology internally?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then speak to us about engaging us on a Project only basis. (please note subject to availability)

We can complement your internal sales team, give us the difficult or new markets to break through and keep your internal staff focused at pitching & winning contracts. Or at low hanging opportunities in existing accounts or in-bound efforts. Prevents disruption within the sales team and existing targets, proves a concept before taking greater internal risks and costs!

Are you ready to scale your business?





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