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There is always strong debate over in-house vs outsourced lead generation as being the most effective way to take a proposition or product to market. Although the discussion can be very complex, the main principles come back round to some simple fundamentals that can be applied to any business. Which are Experience, Knowledge, Investment and Time.

Experience of your internal team, as well as their desire to generate leads will always be the challenge. Often your best sales people will not always be your best lead generators. Why? Well, in our opinion, it’s a completely different skill set, that doesn’t always flow from success in one to the other. Also, the skill set of a sales professional is best spent selling to your clients and closing deals, they are actually a very expensive resource to have focussed at two or three separate areas of the sales process and expect them to deliver above expectation on everything! Focus them on generating revenue, it’s what they are actually paid for and the majority enjoy!

Knowledge can be broken down into 3 main areas. Market, methodologies and systems (structures). The two key areas from a lead generation perspective are methodologies and systems. We are advocates of CC 2.0 (Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler) and our experience of delivering campaigns using and adapting this methodology has brought us great success across many different industries targeting many different sectors. We are also continually adapting, testing and updating our systems to improve our reach and approach. We have used our 20 years of experience to continually learn and adapt, this will never change. Knowledge of a market is important but, importantly it is easily learned, a robust campaign is to amplify your market knowledge, You are Experts in what you do and we are Experts in making sure decision makers know that!

Investment and Time are two key fundamentals in any successful business development campaign. There is no such thing as a ‘silver bullet’ approach or an ‘easy market’. Regardless, if you choose to manage it in-house or outsource. That said, in-house will cost you significantly more financially in investment and in time to get everything set up, once set up, it will need to be managed. With the proper amount of investment and a strong go to market strategy, with aligned collateral and key messaging, it is amazing what early traction can be achieved, it is key though to continually review and revise the approach to gain longer term momentum.

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